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Whats Special about RC Health Mix

With benefits from our natural grains cereals and nuts,  we at Roots Central had developed the best Health mix  for all age groups to relish and be healthy.

With secret recipes stolen from our ancestors, we had made delicious and healthy mix which can enhance your dishes and your taste buds.


Roots Central health mix formula with its rich taste and amazing health benefits can be an essential daily recommended food for all age groups from 1 year onward.

We use 21 ingredients in our products which are rich and evident in health and medicinal benefits. Please find some of the common and rare benefits of ingredients used in our health mix


  • Protects heart diseases
  • Lowers bad cholesterol
  • Detoxify
  • Prevents type 2 diabetes
  • Prevents onset of breast cancer
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • optimize the functions of kidney,liver and immune system
  • benefits women to combat gall stones and postmenopausal   disturbances
  • Prevents wheeze and asthma among children
  • Magnesium helps reducing migraine attacks
  • phosphorus is an important mineral in building blocks of genetic code
  • Rajma helps in improving memory,good energy and anti aging properties
  • barley prevent bone disorders anemia, healthy hair and   skin,anti cancer ,good cholesterol,prevent kidney stones
  • cashews and horsegram improves vitality and sperm count 
  • omega 6 is present in khus khus sorts sleep disorders, anti   oxidant
  • samba wheat considered the most healthiest cereal with low GI,reduces constipation ,obesity aids in weight loss
  • horse gram also regulates mensural cycle 
  • sago reduces hypertension,improves bone health, the best pre & post work out food
  • Folic acid present in sage helps proper growth of fetus.
  • corn has abundant minerals ,a must during pregnancy ,helps   fighting anemia,diabetes,cancer.protects skin and eyes
  • sorghum regulates calcium levels
  • Red rice has vitamin B6 very good for children bone   development
  • cashews assist metabolism and helps to keep your eyes,blood,heart safe.
  • Fried gram regulates hormonal level in women, avoids   constipation 
  • very good for growing children with manganese , folate ,calcium and potassium
  • Almonds lower the rise in blood sugar and insulin after meals,  They help provide good brain function and   nourish the nervous system. 

An FSSAI Licensed, tested at NABL approved lab Roots Central Health Mix is very safe and hygienically prepared just for you and the persons you love.


Product ingredients

Red rice



Pearl millet

forxtail millet

branyard millet

little millet

Fried gram dhal

kodo millet

horse gram

black urud dhal



brown channa

samba broken wheat

Green moong dal

small corn




Khus khus

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Adyar Pazamudir Nilayam

Adyar Vanga Vanga Supermarket 

Serra Internation School Neelangarai

Ergon Fitness Studio Thiruvanmayur


Prasanth hospital Chetpet 

Mehta children hospital

Pavithra Hospital - Erukuncherry

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